Ed Speleers & Sandy : The Story

Hi there,

My name is Sandrine but many friends names me Sandy and I must say it’s pleasant! Even Ed Speleers names me like that.
I live in France, near Paris. I’m born in July 1971 and I’ve 3 wonderful children.
I work in Disneyland Paris since 2008, but my dream is to leave all to live in London!^^

Ed Speleers is the famous person I love the most. He’s a great guy and I love the way he’s. We have so many things in common and his humour is fantastic!
I know Ed since his beginning with Eragon and I took interest in what he did… I proposed my help to the webmiss of Ed Speleers France with the translations. After I took some contacts to help her to make her page the best one of the web! Finally, when she stopped I decided to continue myself and I searched for information, continuing to take contact to people who could help in my task.
Now, I know Ed who konws me too. I saw him two times : frist at the London Virgin Marathon where I took photos I shew you. Second : At the Film4 Frightfest for A Lonely Place To Die presentation for the last days. I asked him a question and I took a lot of photos… and I had the opportunity to ttalk with his manager.

Now I hope this page, the site, the forum are places you like and I do my best to tell you all you must know about Ed and I share my opportunities to see him with you.
Let your opinion here, tell me what you think about what i do and be sure I will answer and I will talk with you too… Thanks for all support in my different places and be sure I will be here again for a long time to talk about Ed with you and I will share again all I have and I can share with you.
Love you fans like I love Ed and I hope to be here again for a very long time and to have the opportunity to do this job for a very long time too because i love it!
See you guys and don’t forget to comment, to talk, and I will interact with you here^^



2 responses to “Ed Speleers & Sandy : The Story

  1. peaches

    August 1, 2014 at 7:23 am

    keep posting. i love it. i love ed!!! wiwiwaw! 🙂

    • edspeleersaddicts

      August 1, 2014 at 12:44 pm

      That’s cool to see that I’m not the only one to love Ed 🙂


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